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  1. This is pop psychology of the sort found in Psychology Today.
    It is apparent you know little about Macs or computers in general. Yes design is important but not the most important thing. People like things that they use to be well designed and pleasing to the eye and touch. Hardly surprising that this is one of the factors behind the success of the Mac and Apple products in general. The Mac is easy to use and at times in it’s life has been much easier to use than PC operating systems. But Windows 7 is close enough. Where the Mac succeeds is in having an operating system that takes much better advantage of hardware resources like memory and processor so it has more consistent and smoother performance than Windows. I could go into all the reasons why but that would take a number of paragraphs. Apple also has very, very good support. They generally have much higher quality control standards and custom design a lot of internal components like motherboards. There is no malware like viruses, trojans, etc in the wild that affect Macs unlike Windows which due to very poor design remains a sieve. So we have world class design which has a great impact on usability, try the trackpad on the last Mac notebooks, mush better quality control than the Dells and HP’s of this world. a very nice operating system with high quality software topped off by support that is so superior that every one else is continually rated a distant second. not hard to understand why people are willing to pay a premium for that and prefer the experience. Certainly no need to foolishly throw around terms like religion and cult just because you don’t know anything about it. Most Mac owners are quite willing to complain about things they don’t like.

    Powerbook G4’s are quite old btw and expecting it to be compatible with Apples latest OS is ridiculous. Even so you are apparently unaware that Macs hold their value quite well and each version of Mac OS is faster than the one before it.
    PC companies, except for a few high end boutiques catering to gamers compete by being in a race to the bottom. Minimal quality and minimal support to compete for pennies in profit.
    Macs became popular in video and graphics because they were better at such things through design. Google the subject like you should have done to begin with to learn why this was.

    I’m an IT Architect btw and consultant to some of the biggest and best known corporations in the world. I am paid top dollar for my knowledge and I prefer macs above and beyond anything and I have extensive experience in every OS and platform of significance. Just in the past few years I have consulted at Motorola, Cisco, and Oracle. Their top architects can use anything they want and most of them use Macs.

    So yeah..thanks for your simplistic analysis of something you know nothing about.

  2. Hi Darwin, thank you for your input.
    It seems to me that someone coming to read this article would indeed be educated by the insightful comments of some very well-informed readers, so I have done no disservice to them then.
    It is of course a pity when people resort to judgements about my character or knowledge, that is such a waste of an opportunity to be helpful.
    Last time I checked, it was OK to have a theory, and then to learn more after some feedback without being insulted.
    I will end by taking it as a compliment that someone as qualified, educated and expert as yourself spent the time to read my humble blog.

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