About Jarrod Hart…

Jarrod, summer 2008

Jarrod, summer 2008

I am a scientist working in Cornwall California, no, it’s back to Cornwall. My interests are in mainly the environment, cosmology and physics (yes, groan away), but also general science, science communication, education and skepticism.

I am a chemical engineer by training, but although I am in many ways a typical engineer (in the worst ways), I am a scientist at heart. When I go to sleep at night, I sit and think about the speed of light, and ponder the distance between two points in space. My wife thinks it’s odd, but I sleep well.

I have three young children, and live in Truro, in the far south west of England.


Why do I run this site? Mostly, its a place for me to record my thoughts and theories, and to have them reviewed by others leading to their refinement.

Although I work in an industrial research lab, you won’t be surprised to hear they don’t pay me for my opinion on cosmological theories and the like. So you could say I am a closet theorist, one of many, I’m sure, and I hope to get out of the closet via this site.

So please, if you can see any flaws in my articles, I would really appreciate your comments.

Best wishes,

Jarrod R. Hart
October 2008 (updated Mar 2010 Mar 2012)

4 thoughts on “About Jarrod Hart…

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  2. Dear Jarrod Hart,
    I’ve been earning my living since 1984 at NASA as an engineer, altho my training has been in physics. I’ve found that this training has proven wonderfully helpful in working on solutions to the engineering problems that have come up at NASA. And thinking of the Big Bang, and chats with John Mather and other excellent folks at GSFC, are good “pick me ups”.

    Have you met the videos of another “Hart”, called “Vi Hart”? Perhaps you might find them delightful: I certainly do. Goggle “Vi Hart”. Enjoy.

    I see that you have an email from Bob Wilson. He has written some uniquely informed letters about “tin whiskers” that cause soft shorts in dual potentiometers used as pedal position sensors in Toyota cars.

    I would like to contact him — could you kindly act as a “go between”?

    I can be reached at

    Alternately, check the “tin whisker” web site maintained by my colleague, Jay Brusse: see
    and see
    for another contact email.

    Henning Leidecker

  3. to Mr Jarrod Hart

    i wish to send my scientific theories in human evolution and I need someone to talk about this you can contact me at mfabianpgoku@yahoo.com.sg
    by the way my name is Michael please it is not a joke or wild goose chase give me a chance and I can prove it to you sir

  4. Dear Michael,

    I would be happy to try to help, firstly to advise you technically on your theory (though I am no expert in genetics or biology I can check the basic science) and secondly, I’d also be happy to advise how you might go about getting more expert input.

    Very best regards,

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