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A Supermarket Tragedy

a poem by Jarrod Hart (c.1999)


From a look to the left and a glance to the right
Comes the cold grip of a horrible fright!
For what she can’t see causes horrible fear
…what she can’t see is utterly dear!

A second goes past and still nothing’s there;
Another look here another one there!
Oh come now, be serious, this can’t be so!
But frantic fast panic has nothing to show!

Silk fury now flies, far into the blue
And tears in her eyes show feelings too true…
She closes those eyes and feels for the sky
As she wonders, wonders… Lord why?


He gives her the stength to stop spinning round
As she tests out her senses; feels for the ground
The dizziness passes, she looks down the aisle
Her child in the distance, bearing a smile…

The child was not gone, but simply misplaced
Mom quietly blushes, but inside she’s disgraced.
But our new mom will grow, with the knowledge so brave,
That life’s ride’s a transient on the crest of a wave…

And if we live ‘moments’ and feel to the hilt,
We gain independence from the pain they call guilt.

The end