Strange small things

I thought it may interest someone out there in cyberspace to see some of the weird things I have made in the lab, mostly by accident, and of no apparent value.  PS any apparent value that may emerge will belong to my employer anyway :).

Anyway, I must thank them (I have a very nice job), and team at the IAC at the University of Bristol, for their help taking these shots, particularly those where we have cut into the material, which was done with a beam of Gallium ions. Pretty neat hey?


Home made fly ash

This looks like fly ash, but was an accidental byproduct of recent research


Another accidental byproduct. Alas, the 'intended' products are just as cool, but are all hush-hush, top-secret, I could tell you but then I would have to kill you type things 🙂

Strange Section

Don't ask me. I may have made it, but I don't have a clue what it is.

House of cards

I love this one. It involved liquid nitrogen. Nuff said!

house of cards section

Here we took a cut into the structure from the previous picture to learn more...

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