The Statistics of Fear

By all rights we should be rather scared of cars. We should regard them in much the same way we would regard a tarantula on the bedsheets or a short stroll on a tightrope. Yet we aren’t. Curious. Cars kill far more people than lava flows, piranhas or anthrax.

Perhaps they are too new for evolution to equip us?

Now if we look into the stats you realise we should be even more terrified of crap food, and the word “sedentary” should be a glare-inducing swear-word. If our bodies knew what was good for them, we would get grouchy after a day without a vigorous walk, and start shaking weakly after two. Sugar, so long sweet, should soon evolve to be utterly disgusting. Not soon enough for some.

2 thoughts on “The Statistics of Fear

  1. Jarrod,

    Obviously I’m not one prone to pedantry, but I am not sure the sugar should evolve to taste disgusting. In fact the sugar beet’s sweetness is surely the key to its evolutionary success?!

    Obviously I am just being an arse, because of course its us who should be doing the evolving (but I guess excess sugar has only been an issue for, say 20 odd years? Sure I’ll be corrected if wrong 🙂 )


  2. hehe, we may evolve quite fast if all the sweet toothed folk keeled over with clogged pipe-work. Alas, many of us have had kids already, so too late then…

    I guess that’s why cancer is such a killer, we don’t evolve too well to cope with late life health issues.

    But perhaps if we tinker with genes, perhaps we can figure out how to make everyone love broccoli and get headaches from drinking too much. Oh hang on, we do the latter already 😉

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